Not Your Mama’s Frosted Glass

Let me start out by saying this was my most difficult DIY to date and hear is why. Frosted glass in a can seems like a great idea in your head right? Well like any spray paint it is not recommended you handle inside. My house currently looks like I haven’t dusted in 100 years. The dust from this can spread every where and I mean every where. The table, the blinds, the kitchen counters! So I am going to be scrubbing for the next few days. But that wasn’t my real issue with this spray paint oh no. It is a fast drying paint so how you apply it is how it is going to come out. So be confidently accurate when spraying. See I wasn’t and made a few mistakes and those few mistakes caused me an extra day of work. Don’t be like me and try to rub off a small dust particle because it will smear and dry in seconds and then you will be left with scraping off the existing frost and starting all over again. Not fun. In the end I got it done and it came out great. So now that I had gotten that off my chest (lol) let’s talk about how this DIY is actually pretty easy and super cheap to do.


  1. 2 sizes of Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. I placed the 0.94 size around the border and the 0.70 size to create the shapes.
  2. Krylon Flat White Frosted Glass Spray Paint
  3. Optional : Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted Glass Spray Paint. I applied this as a sealer.

Make sure before you begin applying the tape on the door or window to really clean the glass. This helps ensure the tape sticks well. We want crisp, clean, straight lines to achieve this look. My husband actually came up with this design. He kind of just winged it and it came out looking great. I always feel like things always come out better when you don’t plan it. So yea have fun with it unless you have a specific design in mind. It’s tape so if you mess up or don’t like it, it can easily be removed unlike the spray paint later on. As I mentioned above I used a thicker tape for my border and a thinner tape for the actual design. That was just my preference you don’t have to do that.

& we mirrored the effect on the right door.

I tried to follow the directions on the can the best I could. It says to use a “sweeping” motion back and forth with little overlapping. Some areas will come out darker than others. The best advice I can give is to just go for it and try not to focus on one spot for to long. The picture above was after one coat. It is fast drying so after about 5 minutes, I did the second coat. I did this over and over until the can emptied. You will notice the Krylon frost leaves a textured paint. That is ok. When it dries it does not come off but if you don’t like the feeling I have a solution for that. I would say I did about 4 coats. I used one can per door. I highly recommend airing your house after application because the air gets thick. Also cover up your furniture to avoid frost dust residue.

So after I successfully completed the right door I moved on to the left and that is when the nightmare began. Long story short I completed the left door 2 days later. Once I let both doors dry for a day I went in with the Rust-Oleum frost spray to seal that textured Krylon frost spray. The Rust-Oleum frost finishes smooth so by applying that on top of the Krylon frost spray is soften the texture.

But there you have it. It is by far the easiest two step DIY. Don’t ask me how I turned it into such a difficult 3 day project lol. A custom frosted glass patio door that cost me about $20. Will I do this again? That is a no, but I love the results. If you give this a try please share with me your stories @by.nativenoir on Instagram

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