DIY Painted Dipped Bench

It seems like it is becoming a tradition for our family to visit every summer for our son’s birthday. Full house = full of love. So you can imagine our guest room is heavily used. Preparing the guest room is usually my top priority right before they arrive and then I kind of forget about it. When I first moved in I envisioned this room to be a cozy space for any guest equipped with style and organization that can be used through out the year for us. A year has passed and I haven’t done much to it. One of my ideas was to have a functional bench at the end of the bed for guests to lie there suitcases on. Such a simple but useful accessory for any guest room. I didn’t have much luck finding one I liked that fit my vision. And well with just a few short weeks before there arrival I decided I am just going to make my own.

This DIY is literally like 5 steps depending on your skill level.


  1. 1×12 Common Board in 6ft
  2. Hairpin Table Legs 16in
  3. Varathane Wood Stain in Golden Oak
  4. Paint color of your choice, I used Color Palace Onyx Black
  5. Painters Tape and Paint Brush


  1. Rigid 7in Circular Saw, Or you can get Home Depot to cut the board to size for free
  2. Rigid Cordless 5in Orbit Sander
  3. Rigid Cordless Drill
  4. Paintbrush


  1. So some of you may already know whenever you buy wood from Home Depot they offer a service where they will cut down wood to your preferred measurements. This can be very useful for customers who do not own a saw. So when you purchase the 6ft you can just ask them to cut it down to 4ft and remove the hassle of cutting it yourself. In my case we own a saw so I used our Rigid 7in Circular saw to cut it down.
  1. You want to sand down the board for staining so there are no rough surfaces. This is also ideal for any wood you will be using for seating.
  1. Stain the board using any old cotton shirt you don’t mind sacrificing or there are brushes available to purchase specifically for wood stains. I prefer cotton shirts as they don’t leave streaks. I love Varathane wood stain from Home Depot. They offer so many different color stains. I went with Golden Oak for this look.
  1. Painting the ends are totally optional if you choose not to paint the bench you can go ahead to the next step of drilling the hair pin legs in. I wanted to add some color to my bench but still keep it minimal. I had some left over black paint from my kitchen island project so I went ahead and gave it a try. I began with measuring the distance of the legs from the edge of the board. I wanted to make sure I covered the length of the legs with the black paint to give it a seamless look. I then went ahead and added an inch to that measurement. I marked it and taped all around the board.
  1. Give it about 2-3 layers of paint. That give you the “painted dipped” end look. I know you guys are wondering, “Wait I thought you actually dipped the ends into a bucket of paint?” Nope, it is just a simple trick of painters tape and a few coats of paint. Now you can try actually dipping the paint but this is way less messier in my opinion.
And there you have it! Gently remove the tape and you should have clean straight lines that looks like dipped ends.
  1. Once the paint has dried and you’ve removed the tape you can begin drilling the legs in. I purchased the hair pin legs from Amazon. They had so many different styles and sizes. I chose 16 inches which is about the height of our guest bed. That is also about the average size of a sitting bench if you need a reference. Start with pilot holes. This avoids any damage or splits to the wood before drilling the screws in. The bench comes with screws so that is what I used. They were actually just shy of 1 inch so I lucked out.

And there you have it! A functional, stylish, custom bench for any room for under $50. This was the perfect edition to our guest room.

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