Happy Housiversary to us!

With the approach of our one year house anniversary I am filled with so much emotion. Happiness overcoming them all. In this year we overcame a lot. Moving thousands of miles away from our close knit family. Celebrating our son’s first birthday. Buying our very first home. We hit so many milestones in one short month. In the later months, I graduated from being a stay-at-home mom to a full-time student. My husband started his new position at his job and our son adapted to the Florida life style.

I wanted to do something for our anniversary since it’s a big milestone in our life. During this year we learned we love renovations. This sparked our new hobby. Our home is what you call a “cookie-cutter” model. You can see the same layout across the neighborhood. So we began putting our personal touches inside. It evolved from regular interior designs to built-in benches. And more! In the course of this year. It all started with the entry-way. The entry-way is the first impression to a guest entering your home. So what better way to say “Welcome to MY home” than with a DIY project representing our personal style. From there we began working on every room in the house.

We decided to create an Instagram dedicated to our projects to share our love of home renovations. We wanted to join the community. Centeno’s Creations is the name behind it all. I thought it was perfect. We fell in love with wood work and interior designing and every week we began busting out new DIY projects. But I felt like something was still missing when it came to engaging with our followers. People wanted step-by-step tutorials on how we made them. I tried incorporating these steps on Instagram but I couldn’t execute them smoothly enough to understand. And almost a year later I finally decided to create a blog.

So here we are a year later. For my one year house anniversary I am launching our new home blog, Native Noir. I hope this blog grows into something special. I will be posting all of our past projects along with all of new ones to come. I also want to share my love of plants, my journey through motherhood, organization hacks, and so much more. We are a family of many titles but in all a family built on love. So I would just like to share our story and I hope who ever is reading this enjoys the ride.

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